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The beginners courses at CMO are designed to give participants a broad introduction to archery as a skill, a sport and a social activity. The weekend setting gives a focused but relaxed experience that we know you will enjoy. A full set of equipment is provided for each participant whilst they are on the course.

Over 18 can book indepently through the website booking sytem.

16-17 year olds would need to have an attendant adult with them 

10-15 year olds would need to have attended a Taster Session and would only progress to a full course after full dicussion between coaches, parents and child. The club reserve the right to make the final decision about progression to a full course.

The course will run over a weekend - Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 till 17:00, including a break for lunch. Please bring a packed lunch and any drinks you rquire with you. 

Each course covers the following aspects suggested by Archery GB:-

  • Safety rules and regulations
  • Basic T-Draw technique for target archery
  • Recurve Freestyle using a sight
  • Recurve Barebow without a sight
  • Scoring
  • Target and range etiquette
  • Demonstration of other bow types
  • Target and range set-up
  • General advice on equipment and membership
  • Plenty of coaching, practice and fun

All participants receive their own copy of the “Archery for Beginners Guidebook”. At the end of the course successful participants are awarded the AGB certificate of basic safety and competency. This certificate will enable you to apply for membership of any AGB affiliated club in the UK but of course we would welcome you to join as a new member of CMO Bowmen.

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There is a flat rate fee of £150 per participant. There will be a £20 reduction for any participating under 18 year old if a paying adult family member is doing the course with them.


APRIL 16th - 17th 

MAY 14th - 15th

JUNE  11th - 12th

JULY   16th - 17th

 AUGUST  20th - 21st

SEPTEMBER  17th - 18th                                                             

COURSE CAPACITY - participant numbers are limited to 8 to facilitate safe shooting, good tuition opprtunities and use of reliable, quality equipment.

When the course is full bookngs will also autimatically close and the course will be flagged as FULL on the events calender 

BOOK AND PAY ONLINE ONLY THROUGH THE WEBSITE EVENTS CALENDAR. Your place is not secured unless payment is made when making your booking. No cash or cheque transactions are conducted.


If you do have any queries that are not covered by the FAQs or the information above, contact the Course Administrator before completing your booking.

Contact the Course Administrator

Training FAQs

I've never shot before - what's the best course for me?


Either one of our Taster Sessions or a Beginners Course would be ideal.

You can even try a Taster Session and if you like it and want to continue learning, join one of the Beginners Courses and finish your training without waiting, as long as there are spaces left.

How do I book a place on a course?

  • Visit the CMO website and register for a user account
  • Go to the course date on the event calendar or use the up and coming courses links on the right hand side of the training pages
  • Select the session you want to book and follow the booking and payment instructions
  • Your booking will be automatically confirmed on receipt of payment
  • We do not make tentative bookings due to the high demand for places.

What if I have a visual or hearing impairment?


Archery is an inclusive sport and we will endeavour to accommodate archers with any disability.

This is why we ask you to state any known impairment when you book your place, so that we can make appropriate provision.

All of our coaches have been fully trained to help course members with a range of needs including visually and hearing impaired and we will to do all we can to accommodate you.

Do I have to join CMO Bowmen when I have completed my course?


The simple answer is no. When you have satisfactorily completed your 12 hours of tuition, you will be presented with an Archery GB certificate saying that you are now safe and competent to shoot using simple T-Draw technique.

You can take this certificate to any AGB affiliated club in the UK and apply for membership.

Of course we hope you will choose to join CMO Bowmen, but that choice is entirely yours!

Do I need my own equipment?


All the equipment that you will need for training is provided on the course.

As part of the Beginner's Course we give you advice about what equipment to buy and where to buy it, should you wish to continue with archery.

If you decide to join CMO Bowmen we offer a free New Members Programme, where as part of our membership services, you can use the same training equipment for the following four Saturdays whilst you sort out your own equipment.

There will also be other club members available to offer help and advice about buying and setting up your own equipment.

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