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Joining CMO Bowmen as a full club member has many benefits other than just being able to shoot at the ground.

Memb pic 400pxwideTo shoot at the club unless you are on one of our training courses you must be a member of Archery GB.  You can become a member of Archery GB either by joining them as a Direct Member or by affiliating to them as a Club Member by joining a club like ours.  There are a range of ways that you can join CMO Bowmen but a Full Club Membership represents the best in terms of value and benefits.

Our membership fees are annual and for Full Members include the yearly costs to affiliate to Archery GB, The Southern Counties Archery Society and The County of Surrey Archery Association. You can find out more about these organisations by following these links:

Archery GB



Crucially, by joining Archery GB (which you do when you become a full member of our club) you are covered by their insurance policies when you shoot and if you want to shoot at archery tournaments, they will need to see your Archery GB card.

As well as affiliation to these archery bodies, our full membership fees allow you to shoot at the ground on any of the club days.  We shoot outdoors all year round on Tuesday mornings, Saturday and Sunday, and during the summer season we also shoot outdoors on Wednesday nights.  That works out to around 28p per session to shoot as a full member.

Not only do you get to shoot at a ground with one of the best views over London, there are a host of other benefits to being a club member. A Full Member of CMO Bowmen benefits from:

  • Shooting all year round at our ground in Croydon
  • Affiliation for one year to Archery GB, SCAS and CSAA
  • Priority booking for indoor sessions during winter (these sessions carry an extra charge)
  • Right to attend and vote at our AGM and see what goes on at our Committee meetings
  • Take part in friendlies with other local clubs
  • Attend our various Fun Shoots throughout the year which usually include a BBQ afterwards
  • Compete in our club tournaments
  • Receive certificates and badges as you improve
  • Sign up for free improvers courses
  • Attend seminars and talks about equipment and shooting held at the club
  • Receive a copy of On Point, our quarterly newsletter
  • Have full access to our website including the 'Community' section
  • Enjoy special discounts with archery suppliers where available
  • Being able to shoot with friendly people like you!

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For more information about memberships, contact Carl, our Membership Secretary by clicking the link below.

Contact the Membership Secretary

Membership FAQs

I'm already a member of another club. Can I still shoot at CMO?


Certainly. We offer Associate Memberships which allow either full or limited access to the facilities and benefits of CMO.


Note that with an Associate membership, CMO will be your secondary club until your membership with Archery GB runs out. The club that you paid your AGB fees through is known as your 'first claim club'. This means that you can only shoot for CMO in club or inter-club tournaments with the consent of your first claim club, but not at County, Regional or National events.  At these, you must shoot for your first claim club or as a direct AGB member.

What's included in a CMO Full Membership package?


As a full member of CMO Bowmen your fees to Surrey County and Archery GB are covered which includes your public liability insurance allowing you to shoot at other grounds. You'll be able to shoot at all CMO outdoor sessions all year round including friendlies at other clubs and get priority booking for indoor sessions during the winter season. You'll also receive our newsletter, be invited to fun shoots, be eligible to vote at the AGM, attend the annual awards dinner, have your submitted scores kept in our records, have access to level 1 and 2 coaches and get full access to our website and the Community sections. 

Are there discounts for families?


Yes. Juniors under 18 who are related to a senior full member qualify for a family discount. 

Do I need to have archery experience to join CMO?


You will need to have had at least 12 hours of accredited archery training before joining CMO Bowmen. One of our Beginner's Courses is an example of this - see the Training section for details. 

How do I join online?


Click on the Membership Plans menu and choose the membership plan to suit you. Choose 'New Membership when prompted, fill out the form and pay online using PayPal. You'll also be registered to use the website and able to use the member's only Community section. 

Why do 18-24 year olds pay less than other senior archers?


From 2016, Archery GB have extended their Junior fees to include archers up to 25 years of age. This is designed to encourage younger archers to continue in the sport once they leave school.

What is a 'First Claim Club' and how does it affect my Associate membership?


Under the current Memorandum, Articles and Laws of GNAS version C-01-03, any club through which you have affiliated to Archery GB is known as your First Claim Club. This means that if you shoot at a County, Regional or National tournament, you must represent your First Claim Club and not any secondary clubs that you have joined as an associate member. Inter-club tournaments or friendlies are different, and you can represent a secondary club if you wish, but only with the consent of your first claim club.


This will remain so for the duration of your current Archery GB membership which usually finishes at the end of September each year. After this, you can elect a different club to affiliate through as your First Claim Club.


A very informative article about the rule is available at Kent Archery's website here:

Kent Archery Rule 20(b)

(Note that Rule 20(b) is now GNAS Law 25(e) under the current version of GNAS laws)