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Warlingham Friendly 3rd july 2016

On the first Sunday of July each year we join Atkins Archers at Warlingham for this 3-way friendly.

This year the round was an American, probably because the 4th July Independence Day was on the following day. Or maybe Warlingham were playing their Trump card (yes that was an attempt at a joke). An American round is 30 arrows at 60, 50 and 40 yards or two pints of Budweiser and a Manhattan if you're at a bar (another attempt, another fail).

Less awful than the joke attempts was the weather which threatened rain once or twice but never fully committed, a bit like one or two politicians at the moment (I may as well try a topical one).

The team from CMO consisted of Patrick, Meltem, Mike, Julie, Grant, Amy, Terry (not pictured), Chris, Elisa, Martin and Fadil. There were some good scores and overall the teams came second with Amy winning the Juniors round, Meltem and Patrick both runners up in the Ladies and Gents Longbow and Martin a runner up in the Gents Recurve.

You can see the final scoresheet by clicking here:

Warlingham Friendly Scores

Our thanks go to Warlingham for being such great hosts again.

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