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Frequently asked questions about joining CMO Bowmen.

I'm already a member of another club. Can I still shoot at CMO?


Certainly. We offer Associate Memberships which allow either full or limited access to the facilities and benefits of CMO.


Note that with an Associate membership, CMO will be your secondary club until your membership with Archery GB runs out. The club that you paid your AGB fees through is known as your 'first claim club'. This means that you can only shoot for CMO in club or inter-club tournaments with the consent of your first claim club, but not at County, Regional or National events.  At these, you must shoot for your first claim club or as a direct AGB member.

What's included in a CMO Full Membership package?


As a full member of CMO Bowmen your fees to Surrey County and Archery GB are covered which includes your public liability insurance allowing you to shoot at other grounds. You'll be able to shoot at all CMO outdoor sessions all year round including friendlies at other clubs and get priority booking for indoor sessions during the winter season. You'll also receive our newsletter, be invited to fun shoots, be eligible to vote at the AGM, attend the annual awards dinner, have your submitted scores kept in our records, have access to level 1 and 2 coaches and get full access to our website and the Community sections. 

Are there discounts for families?


Yes. Juniors under 18 who are related to a senior full member qualify for a family discount. 

Do I need to have archery experience to join CMO?


You will need to have had at least 12 hours of accredited archery training before joining CMO Bowmen. One of our Beginner's Courses is an example of this - see the Training section for details. 

How do I join online?


Click on the Membership Plans menu and choose the membership plan to suit you. Choose 'New Membership when prompted, fill out the form and pay online using PayPal. You'll also be registered to use the website and able to use the member's only Community section. 

Why do 18-24 year olds pay less than other senior archers?


From 2016, Archery GB have extended their Junior fees to include archers up to 25 years of age. This is designed to encourage younger archers to continue in the sport once they leave school.

What is a 'First Claim Club' and how does it affect my Associate membership?


Under the current Memorandum, Articles and Laws of GNAS version C-01-03, any club through which you have affiliated to Archery GB is known as your First Claim Club. This means that if you shoot at a County, Regional or National tournament, you must represent your First Claim Club and not any secondary clubs that you have joined as an associate member. Inter-club tournaments or friendlies are different, and you can represent a secondary club if you wish, but only with the consent of your first claim club.


This will remain so for the duration of your current Archery GB membership which usually finishes at the end of September each year. After this, you can elect a different club to affiliate through as your First Claim Club.


A very informative article about the rule is available at Kent Archery's website here:

Kent Archery Rule 20(b)

(Note that Rule 20(b) is now GNAS Law 25(e) under the current version of GNAS laws)


How do I change my Profile Picture (avatar)?


Click on Profile > Change Profile Picture and upload a picture file by clicking 'select file...' and browsing to an image on your computer. Click 'Upload'.

You can then adjust how it looks by editing the thumbnail once it has been uploaded.

How do I change who sees my posts?


Click on Profile > Privacy

Here you can change who sees your friends list, photos and groups list by choosing either:

Public - anyone can see

Site Members - only registered members can see

Friends - only registered members who are your friends can see

Only Me - nobody else but you can see

You can also change the privacy settings on your activity posts by clicking on the little arrow in the top right corner of the post and choosing Privacy Setting.  By default this is set to Site Members.

Can I send a private message to another member?


Yes, but they must be on your friends list.

Click on Inbox in the header bar and select New Message.  Select the recipient(s), add a subject and your message and hit Send Message.

It's just like sending an email.  Replies will arrive in your inbox. 

How do I upload photos?


Click on Photos in the header bar and then My Photos on the page that appears.

Select Upload Photos and then you can create an album in the pop up window or select an existing album if you have any.  You need to give the album a name and you can also give a location where the pictures were taken and a description of the album.  You can also select the privacy settings of the album here.

Then you can click on Add Files and browse to pictures on your computer.  If you're using a mobile device you can select photos stored on that too.

You can keep on adding files or select View Album.

To delete an album, click on the little arrow in the top right hand corner of the album cover picture and choose Delete Album.

You can also delete photos or move them to another album by selecting a photo and pressing the Options button at the bottom of the photo.

Can I start a Community Group?


Yes you can - from the Groups menu in the header bar.

Click Create Group, fill out the form and choose some options.

If you make it a closed group, others will have to request to join the group.  An open group will be accessible to anyone.

Once you have created your group, it will have to be approved by the Webmaster.


I've never shot before - what's the best course for me?


Either one of our Taster Sessions or a Beginners Course would be ideal.

You can even try a Taster Session and if you like it and want to continue learning, join one of the Beginners Courses and finish your training without waiting, as long as there are spaces left.

How do I book a place on a course?

  • Visit the CMO website and register for a user account
  • Go to the course date on the event calendar or use the up and coming courses links on the right hand side of the training pages
  • Select the session you want to book and follow the booking and payment instructions
  • Your booking will be automatically confirmed on receipt of payment
  • We do not make tentative bookings due to the high demand for places.

What if I have a visual or hearing impairment?


Archery is an inclusive sport and we will endeavour to accommodate archers with any disability.

This is why we ask you to state any known impairment when you book your place, so that we can make appropriate provision.

All of our coaches have been fully trained to help course members with a range of needs including visually and hearing impaired and we will to do all we can to accommodate you.

Do I have to join CMO Bowmen when I have completed my course?


The simple answer is no. When you have satisfactorily completed your 12 hours of tuition, you will be presented with an Archery GB certificate saying that you are now safe and competent to shoot using simple T-Draw technique.

You can take this certificate to any AGB affiliated club in the UK and apply for membership.

Of course we hope you will choose to join CMO Bowmen, but that choice is entirely yours!

Do I need my own equipment?


All the equipment that you will need for training is provided on the course.

As part of the Beginner's Course we give you advice about what equipment to buy and where to buy it, should you wish to continue with archery.

If you decide to join CMO Bowmen we offer a free New Members Programme, where as part of our membership services, you can use the same training equipment for the following four Saturdays whilst you sort out your own equipment.

There will also be other club members available to offer help and advice about buying and setting up your own equipment.

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