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Game of Arrows 25 05 19 1

Game of Arrows A Huge Success

On May 25th we held the first House Games event, Game of Arrows. A brand new format for members designed to introduce a competitive element in a fun way.

The Games have a medieval/fantasy theme, with the three houses being Draccar - the dragons, Leander - the lions and Wulfgar - the wolves.

Game of Arrows 25 05 19 24Members were sorted into one of our three houses by placing their right hand in front of Smoki - our 'Sorting Dragon' - who breathes smoke and chooses which house you will play for.

The games themselves are picked at random. There are three types of game, and these are picked by spinning our Wheel of Misfortune.

There could be any one of six special games - Minefield, Calculator, Battleships, Robin Who?, Piece of Pie and V-Signs, or Random scoring where you shoot arrows normally and then spin the wheel again to choose the scoring method, or the wheel could land on a Duel. Here, two teams pick a single champion to go head to head with the other team's champion in one of four fiendish games.

Game of Arrows 25 05 19 3

At the end of the first games, Draccar were the winners for May 2019 with a score of 732 points.

You can see some photos in the 2019 Photo Gallery, courtesy of Neil and Gordon.

We are looking forward to a big turnout for the next game on Saturday, June 29th starting at 1pm - register now and support your House!

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